About us

We make feedback a structural part of your professional services, in such a way that it drives your personal growth, your business and your reputation

a feedback tool made for professionals
Designed in Amsterdam, developed in London

Made for professionals, by professionals

We created Feedback Informed because of our own frustration as a consultant/trainer who hates cold acquisition, but always forgets to ask for testimonials and referrals. As a professional it's hard to stay in contact with your network and it’s even harder to invest in your professional reputation and acquiring new customers while you are working. As a team we combined our skills and created Feedback Informed. Please drop us an email to let us know what you think and how we can improve our service even better. Thank you

Menno C. Lanting

Founder, the Creative

As a young kid, Menno was the adventurous one daring to try new things and always curious what was around the corner. Later in life, he jumped from a corporate career into entrepreneurial adventures, which brought him a special skillset as strategy consultant and trainer. With the love for building (new) things, he's the creative, the visionary here.

Karim Khan

Founder, the Developer

Karim, as a kid was the one who solved the Rubik’s cube. Not stopping taking on the impossible and enjoying to take on (mathematical) challenges since. Curious by nature, he build his own massive role-playing game while still being in school. Now, years later he's a multi-skilled, professional developer in London specialized in security.

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(freelance) Professionals

We operate as dynamic, flexible organisation inspired by Semler and Holocracy. Join our team and add you professional skillset so that together we can build something beautiful.

Our purpose

Why we do it?

Life-long employment is on its return and for independent professionals, offering a specific skillset and expertise the future is bright! Successful professionals are authentic and need to stand-out from the crowd to show their unique skills. We help you to be unique, to be yourself as you develop and grow your profession.