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Collect, use and share your customer feedback. For professionals who hate cold acquisition, but want to grow their business

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Turn your audience into customers

Survey in just 4 clicks

Ask your customers how they valued your service. In just 4 clicks you have send a beautiful designed survey from your laptop, tablet or phone.

Schedule in advance

Get instant customer feedback on your training, workshop or presentation. Pre-schedule your evaluations on time and date, anytime that is convenient for you.

Realtime results

Get insights when still on top of mind and relevant. Create and email PDF reports in 1 click, or integrate results realtime in your training or presentation.

customer feedback for freelance professionals trainers consultants
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Stand out on Google

1-click Social sharing

Showcase your (training) results with 1-click to social media or ask your audience to share for you.

Professional public profile

Get a Google search boost by showcasing your customer feedback on your professional profile, hosted on your own domain and our public domain. Showcase your expertise, your added value and testimonial proof. Coming soon

Quality mark

Stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your professionalism with a Quality Mark of unfiltered customer feedback on your website and/or in your sales brochures. Coming soon

freelance professionals trainers consultants stand out better on google by sharing feedback
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Grow your Business, get more work

Lead generation

Each survey template is ready to use and serves a specific purpose for your profession. Collect testimonials and valuable referrals to grow your business.

Professional appearance

Demonstrate your professionalism to your audience using beautifully designed, short surveys that get high response rates.

Asking the right questions

Use the template surveys to ask the right and relevant questions to your audience. Each template is designed to service a specific and commercial purpose and is ready-to-use.

Freelance professionals trainers consultants grow their business using feedback

What our users say

  • “I really like Feedback Informed because of the ease of use. It was super easy to send my first survey and surprised of all the positive reactions I received.”

    Ella O. — leadership coach & trainer

  • “It helps my business to show that people are happy with my services. Since I use Feedback Informed I always have actual testimonials that I post on my website. I love the service, it's easy to use and has a professional look and feel.”

    Arnaldo — Small business Owner

  • “Since I asked my class to share their feedback of me, I quickly grew my reputation because my blogs where being read more. I now get contacted to help people out... I love it”

    Claudia — creative designer & teacher

  • “I really hate cold acquisition! Since I use this tool I get more warm leads then ever before!”

    Marc — freelance webdeveloper

  1. what our user Ella says about our feedback in 4 clicks app
  2. what our user Arnaldo says about our feedback in 4 clicks app
  3. what our user Claudia says about our feedback in 4 clicks app
  4. what our user Marc says about our feedback in 4 clicks app