How it works

How can you collect your audience feedback in just 4 clicks?

Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template

Send professional looking, high-responsive surveys

Each survey template contains specific questions for a specific purpose. Designed to be short and effective, each template has one lead-generating or commercially interesting question to help you build your business.

customer service and nps feedback

Customer Feedback (NPS)

A great 5 question template for a customer satisfaction survey, including the Net Promoter Score

evaluate your services

Evaluate your service

Evaluate an experience with your service and measure the satisfaction in 5 questions

survey template to collect customer testimonials

Collect Testimonials

Collect valuable information from all your customers, using this 5 question survey designed to generate testimonials

customer service and nps feedback

Get feedback on a Training

Learn to improve your training's quality using these 6 classic trainer feedback questions

customer service and nps feedback

Departing Customers

Tap into the valuable source of departing customers to improve your future services, with a short 3 question survey

gather new insights, generate leads survey template

Gather insights, generate leads

5 questions to send periodically to your network to gather new insights and generate sales leads


What our users say

  • “I really like Feedback Informed because of the ease of use. It was super easy to send my first survey and surprised of all the positive reactions I received.”

    Ella O. — leadership coach & trainer

  • “It helps my business to show that people are happy with my services. Since I use Feedback Informed I always have actual testimonials that I post on my website. I love the service, it's easy to use and has a professional look and feel.”

    Arnaldo — Small business Owner

  • “Since I asked my class to share their feedback of me, I quickly grew my reputation because my blogs where being read more. I now get contacted to help people out... I love it”

    Claudia — creative designer & teacher

  • “I really hate cold acquisition! Since I use this tool I get more warm leads then ever before!”

    Marc — freelance webdeveloper

  1. what our user Ella says about our feedback in 4 clicks app
  2. what our user Arnaldo says about our feedback in 4 clicks app
  3. what our user Claudia says about our feedback in 4 clicks app
  4. what our user Marc says about our feedback in 4 clicks app