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Forever Free


For (freelance) service professionals

  • 1 user
  • Max. 10 responses/survey
  • Unlimited surveys
  • Beautiful, high-converting survey templates
  • Time & date scheduling
  • Bi-lingual surveys (NL/ENG)
  • Real-time reporting
  • PDF reports
  • 1 click social media sharing
  • Basic support (<48h email)
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For (training & consultancy) companies

  • Everything in Professional, plus:

  • Max. 30 users
  • Max. 500 responses/survey
  • Create custom surveys
  • Create custom emails
  • Unbranded surveys/emails
  • Support (<24h chat/email)

Coming soon

Go Custom


Contact us for pricing and special requests

  • Custom features could be:

  • Advanced data reporting
  • CRM contact database
  • Salesforce (or custom) CRM integration
  • Financial reporting & billing

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know this really works?

    The only real way of finding out is by trying it for yourself. The Forever Free plan offers you a plan with zero risk to experience how feedback can help you grow your business and professional reputation.

  • What do other people think about this service?

    Almost 90% of Feedback Informed's first users are still using it today. We're very proud of this! Below you can read a couple of testimonials.

  • Who are you and why should I trust you?

    Feedback Informed is developed in London and operated from the Netherlands. We are a collective of professionals, working together to build a tool/service we want to use ourselves. More info on the team can be found at the About Us page.

  • Where is my data stored? How save is my data?

    Our hosting and data partner is TransIP, a well-known and respected company in The Netherlands. This means that your data is stored in the Netherlands, not in the US or any other country with privacy-sensitive data policies. All data is transferred over HTTPS secured protocols. We use all available security measures in our service to secure your and our data.

  • What's in it for you?

    The Forever Free plan offers the core features we find important. Of course, we would like you to upgrade to a monthly fee, so that we can invest more in the development of our tool and services. We strive to offer you great value by building the right features that help you develop your own professional reputation and business.

  • Why should I pick you over competition?

    There are quite a few survey tools available today, such as Surveymonkey, Surveygizmo or Getfeedback. They offer great services, smart surveys and many functions. None however are specifically developed for (freelance) professionals such as Trainers/Consultants. None offer a price/quality for professionals. We do!

  • Can I change from one plan to another at any time?

    Once you’ve started, you can change to any other plan easily by upgrading or downgrading your account.

  • Can I cancel my account anytime?

    Yes you can, no worries! Try all Feedback Informed's features and if you’re not convinced you can cancel your account any time.


What our users say

  • “I really like Feedback Informed because of the ease of use. It was super easy to send my first survey and surprised of all the positive reactions I received.”

    Ella O. — leadership coach & trainer

  • “It helps my business to show that people are happy with my services. Since I use Feedback Informed I always have actual testimonials that I post on my website. I love the service, it's easy to use and has a professional look and feel.”

    Arnaldo — Small business Owner

  • “Since I asked my class to share their feedback of me, I quickly grew my reputation because my blogs where being read more. I now get contacted to help people out... I love it”

    Claudia — creative designer & teacher

  • “I really hate cold acquisition! Since I use this tool I get more warm leads then ever before!”

    Marc — freelance webdeveloper

  1. what our user Ella says about our feedback in 4 clicks app
  2. what our user Arnaldo says about our feedback in 4 clicks app
  3. what our user Claudia says about our feedback in 4 clicks app
  4. what our user Marc says about our feedback in 4 clicks app